Due to staffing shortages, the library may be closed at times this week ( May 24-28) during regular business hours.  Changes will be posted here and on Facebook.

Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library

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Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library

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Friends Of The Library Museum Reimbursement Program

sponsored by the Friends Of The Wilton Public And Gregg Free Library

Want a reduced rate on a museum visit?  Here's how it works:

  1. Go to any museum in New England.
  2. Pay for your ticket, but be sure to save your receipt.
  3. Bring your receipt to the library and fill out a reimbursement form.
  4. The Friends of the Library will reimburse up to $20 per family per year by mail.

The reimbursement form must be filled out at the library, attached to the receipt, and given to the librarian.  Please be sure the library has your most current information and mailing address. 

Many thanks to our Friends for this wonderful program!